Eevee is the one Cute Pokemon . it is Pokemon Type normal look like dog. but it Can Evolution By Stones are Stone of fire , Stone of Water , Stone of leaf , Stone of Electric , Stone of Fairy or can Evolution by Level higher and Make it lovely that can Evolution 8 figures 8 Element . That is images

1.Vaporeon  Element : Water  Evolution by Stone of Water

2.Jolteon  Element : Electric Evolution by Stone of Electric

3.Flareon  Element : Fire  Evolution by Stone of Fire

4.Sylveon  Element : Fairy Evolution by Stone of Fairy

5.Espeon  Element : Psychic Evolution by Make it Lovely

6.Umbreon Element : Dark  Evolution at Night

7.Leafeon Element : Grass  Evolution by Stone of leaf

8.Glaceon  Element : Ice Evolution by Stone of Ice


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